29 jun. 2009

make your life a dream*

MAD about*

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28 jun. 2009


According to The British Psychological Society, as Fashionorexic is defined as:

'A craving for expensive clothes, shoes, items etc with the intent to economise on essentials - even food - to fund ones habit.' (BPS 2008).

According to The London Paper, 'research published last month shows that no less than a third of women would buy cheaper groceries (or in LSL's case no groceries at all) to keep themselves in designer labels. And last week it was revealed food sales in the UK have fallen for the first time in over 20 years.'

But who cares?? There's no shame in scrimping on food in order to look fab or bag that limited edition Louis Vuitton bag. I mean c'mon Hollywood has been peddling the image of the poor little fashionista ever since I can remember.

Extraction from www.ilovefakemagazine.com:

I don’t have a hardcore bone in my body.
You can ask the doctor that once made an
X-ray at the hospital.
In art college I wished I was more ‘arty’ but
from day one it was clear I wasn’t very deep
like some of the students around studying
design. I came into class wearing a black Kimono
Dolce & Gabbana blouse, with a long
tight black skirt and black sandals with gold
statement earrings and revealing a tummy
as flat as the country I live in. There were
some jaws that dropped, some eyes as big as
a blowfish and no sound around. Until one
of my fellow classmates pointed out that I
was somewhat of a fashion Barbie. Ouch!!
Barbie? I guess I didn’t quite look like mr.
Edward Scissorhands that made the comment
and felt out of place in a classroom
full of art kids ready to dive into the whole
poor artist lifestyle. I wasn’t. I mean I love
fashion. And when I say love, I mean the
bohemians had nothing on my moneysaving
skills all in the name of buying books,
paint, magazines and museum tickets. Instant
Noodles, macaroni and lemonade
were the main staple at my dorm, all of
course to economize and save up for other
more pressing necessities like uhm...Margiela
bodysuits and Dries van Noten sweater
dresses. Barbie slash victim would be the
correct term.
And when in love with la mode, you go to
Paris. And I did. With 40 dollars for food I
went to an exhibition, the fabric district and
of course Palais de Tokyo. And in doing so
I discovered my inner hardcore self. I AM
the budget traveler. In the name of fashion
I have trotted around the globe on a penny,
eating cheap food, sleeping in hellholes and
walking more miles than Lance Armstrong
bikes in the south of France. Hussein Chalayans
infamous furniture turns clothes collection,
the costume institute at the Me
showcasing the wonderful excentric items
that made Thierry Mugler famous in the
nineties, including the motorcycle corset
that George Michael had in his Freedom
video. Vivienne Westwood in Hong Kong
and Zandra Rhodes ever amazing kaftans
with the prints she designed after the multicolor
pen drawings she drew in a sketchbook
during her travels to the Grand Canyon,
Australia and China during the 70’s
and 80’s. So I might not have spatted paint
all over my collections or made brilliant
couture out of recycled materials when in
college, my love for artisanal fashion brings
out the extreme in me.

27 jun. 2009

My stuff

She is the icon of all decades*

Jane Birkin – Actress and model. The Hermes Birkin bag was named after her after the designer apparently saw her in photos carrying several Hermes bags while boarding a plane. She has two amazing looking daughters from two different husbands. Charlotte from Serge Gainsbourg, France's most adored singer-songwriter and Lou from french director Jacques Doillon.

EXCLAMATION _:;)(/&%$·""!>!

Somebody enters to a basic clothes store and exclaim ...This is art's dead!
Somebody enters to a fast food and exclaim... This is gourmet kitchen's dead!

Moral of the story*
Before exclaiming, take a look around and just think for a moment... is this the right place to say this?

You can LOVE or HATE something but you can't compare SALE with ART.

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the ultimate to shop*

ACNE Jeans: Doris pre A/W 09
Slim fit jeans with a medium/low waist. Contrasting colour on the inside - looks great folded up.
100% cotton

26 jun. 2009

Selected Tees for today*

When is a t-shirt more than just a shirt? When it becomes a canvas for illustrators and designers. In the spirit of creative convergence, this season features several t-shirt labels that have ramped up collaborations with illustrators and designers.

Paul Smith*

Christopher Kane*

22 jun. 2009


18 jun. 2009

Don't forget your sweatpants*

16 jun. 2009

ON my head*

-Metallic flower headband-

CHOCOLATE by Blanche

Horrible beauty*


11 jun. 2009

The most beautiful place in the world*

*My friends & ME

8 jun. 2009

Beautiful cloudy day with Charly*

masculine and metal*

6 jun. 2009


Out of the city* with Him!

4 jun. 2009

An other HIT*

This week American actress and former model Chloë Sevigny is our ‘look of the week’. Chloe was recently spotted at the Veueve Clicquot Polo match in a Chloé short suit consisting of scalloped-edge shorts and a matching boyfriend blazer; seemingly a favourite look of hers as she has been spotted in similar looks (including a camel-coloured version of this suit) since the end of April.

Chloë opted for the prim and proper 1940s look, teaming the elegant short suit with a white shirt and strappy, nude, suede wedges. The über chic look was completed with bold red lips, a floral straw boater that sat atop a feminine updo, a tan clutch and 1950s-style sunglasses in hand.

3 jun. 2009


Totally in hearts with this girls look, but more importantly her name. Dree Hemingway is one of the freshest models on the block and shares the moniker of one of my favorite authors. The reason being of course is cause Ernest is the girlies great-grandfather. Anyways she was spotted at the Big Apple Ballet opening this week. Really liking the look especially the mane.

2 jun. 2009