31 ene. 2009


Lily & Jae

Gone fishin' Style*

28 ene. 2009

Just Objects*

{ HERMES flashback }

27 ene. 2009

26 ene. 2009

SO Happy!!!***

My wallet was found!


FELIPE OLIVEIRA BAPTISTA Haute Couture Spring 2009+

25 ene. 2009

** Lady Bird **


Colours & Textures

*Anabela Baldaque

*Lladró FANTASY collection by Jaime Hayon

check REEM www.reemalasadi.com

24 ene. 2009

I LOvE Illustration*

*My books

23 ene. 2009


Maharishi recycles military and industrial workwear utilizing hemp and natural fibres. Using fashion for a vehicle for infusing ether and peace. Maharishi Clothes are today a renown fashion brand with a global customer base.


+Did you know that most of the benches in London's parks have inscriptions in memory of people who used to sit there?

by blanche*

21 ene. 2009

My favourite expressionist*

*Egon Schiele* ((1890-1918))

+Although critics cosider that his work expresses distress and vulnerability I think this paintings are showing his view of female body and beauty. Differently from other expressionists artists his lines and colours are delightful and very harmonious.*

+ Of course he follows the principal expressionists rules using
*enphasis of inner world and self emotions

*He died at the age of 28. ;(

19 ene. 2009