29 mar. 2009

Beautiful DEATH*

PITURES by Blanche*

LOVE IT* beautiful loser---

See more OBEY ART*

26 mar. 2009

Future is now*

25 mar. 2009

Pink LADY*

By Dior & Sophia Coppola

24 mar. 2009

16 mar. 2009

To die for*

This is Port Lligat, a little village located in a small bay on Cap de Creus peninsula, on the Costa Brava of the Mediterranean Sea, near the city of Cadaqués in the Alt Empordà comarca, in Girona province, Catalonia, Spain.

The Island of Port Lligat (or Island of Portlligat) is located at the entrance of the bay, separated from the mainland by a narrow 30 metere wide canal.

Salvador Dalí lived in the village and his house has been converted into the Casa-Museo Salvador Dalí. Both the bay and the island have been represented in several of Dalí’s paintings, such as The Madonna of Port Lligat and The Sacrament of the Last Supper.

I' m dying to go there with my Dalí and spend weeks there knowing each corner of his house and village.

15 mar. 2009

Beautiful useless Dolls*

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8 mar. 2009

One of my favourites*

TATE BRITAIN Museum* London
Mayara + Superbag +
OFELIA* Sir John Everett Millais

definitely MARNI*

7 mar. 2009

Smells like blossoms*

5 mar. 2009

Winter looks*

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Including you*

2 mar. 2009


You&me in Brugge*

HOT in town*

Liberty and Cupcakes*