22 oct. 2009

I love options...*

And having to oporrtunity to choose between several things*

11 oct. 2009

Antonioni's Icon*

*Italian actress most widely noted for her frosty expressiveness and starring roles in films by Michelangelo Antonioni.

10 oct. 2009

comme si son esprit était ici

Let me make a confession. Lately I was strarting to get a little bit tired of Karl and all his pseudo followers placing him on pedestals. Of course he is a great creator but may be the fact that everybody wants to be him and boasts everything he do makes me strart to think there must be something else.

I feel that Coco's spirit is always making rounds around Rue Cambon.

I admire Karl as a fashion director, I love the iconic image he gained but sometimes like Fall 2009 RTW I tought Cocó would have been so disappointed.

Luckily, The lady shook the souls of Chanel's team and some of them got inspired. I love Spring 2010 RTW collection. With this one, Lagerfeld's summing up of the season's tendencies—beige, ivory, and black; rough textures; transparency and lace—was spun into a collection so masterfully balanced between classicism and current fashion affairs that the whole thing felt delightfully sure-footed.

Now I 've made myself clear you might undestand why I feel delighted by that amazaing stuff and not this one:



9 oct. 2009

Blanche Chat*