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Deauville was a popular vacation spot for Coco Chanel during her affair with Boy Capel. The two opened her second shop there, which was the first place Chanel took the step from hat making to clothing. Here was the birth place of Chanel's clothing career.

Bathing Time at Deauville-1865-Eugène Boudin

This place was also an inspiration for Yves Saint Laurent who had one of his homes in Deauville, by the sea.

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Coco Chanel 's Ritz Suite


Belle du Jour

This week's muse is the very beautiful Catherine Deneuve in Belle du Jour, the 1967 movie by Spanish director Louis Bunuel.

Belle du Jour was nominated for a Bafta film award and the recipient of four European awards in 1969. The title means daylight beauty and refers to a flower that blooms only during the day and seemingly 'belle du jour is' a play on the phrase, 'belle de nuit' which translates as lady of the night.

Catherine Deneuve plays a young and beautiful Parisian housewife, who has a fear of intimacy with her husband, so takes up a secret life as an escort in the afternoons.

The Parisian locations and sets are well worth a watch but the real star of this movie is Catherine Deneuve's wardrobe designed by the late Yves Saint-Laurent. During the filming of Belle du Jour they formed a friendship that would last for his lifetime. As his muse, she continued to model for him and wear his creations in many of her film roles.

The dresses and the coats worn in this film are some of Yves Saint-Laurent's finest work and are the designs that he is best remembered for. Timeless and elegant, Catherine Deneuve looks stylish and chic in every scene and her wardrobe would be easily wearable today. Even her Fez like and pill box hats are fabulous, not to mention the Roger Vivier pumps, signature black clutch and oversized sunglasses.

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