30 jun. 2008

* B is for...*

It's already next week and time for the next letter. I think it was sort of hard to decide what the collage should include. So let's get this straight, I would love to include Burberry Prorsum, Bottega Veneta, Blanche & Brie. But as you might see that there's no room for everything I like, sadly.


+I feel happy today, I'm doing fine. But I need postcards like this one to imagine I'm not here, locked in this place. Today I would like to be in a Hindu palace.+

29 jun. 2008

// FOR HIM //

*Loving LANVIN

For a detailed view, click on this Lanvin tribute that photographer Caroll Taveras made by hand using only paper—no photoshop in sight.

27 jun. 2008

* Sand & Summer*

>>> Just perfect for this winter days

*Waiting for my relaxing time...

*Hoe to Plant a TREE*

How To Plant Trees

While planting different types of trees differs in the details, all trees eventually end up in a hole. But not any old hole will do.

The most common mistake when planting a tree is a digging hole, which is both too deep and too narrow. Too deep and the roots don’t have access to sufficient oxygen to ensure proper growth. Too narrow and the root structure can’t expand sufficiently to nourish and properly anchor the tree.

As a general rule, trees should be transplanted no deeper than the soil in which they were originally grown. The width of the hole should be at least 3 times the diameter of the root ball or container or the spread of the roots in the case of bare root trees. This will provide the tree with enough worked earth for its root structure to establish itself.

When digging in poorly drained clay soil, it is important to avoid ‘glazing’. Glazing occurs when the sides and bottom of a hole become smoothed forming a barrier, through which water has difficulty passing. To break up the glaze, use a fork to work the bottom and drag the points along the sides of the completed hole. Also, raising the bottom of the hole slightly higher than the surrounding area. This allows water to disperse, reducing the possibility of water pooling in the planting zone.

Planting Balled and Burlapped Trees

Balled and burlapped (B & B) trees, although best planted as soon as possible, can be stored for some time after purchase as long as the ball is kept moist and the tree stored in a shady area. B & B trees should always be lifted by the ball, never by the trunk. The burlap surrounding the ball of earth and roots should either be cut away completely (mandatory, in the case of synthetic or plastic burlap) or at least pulled back from the top third of the ball (in the case of natural burlap). Any string or twine should also be removed. Backfill soil (combinations of peat moss, composted manure, topsoil, etc.) is then placed in the hole surrounding the tree just to the height of the ball or slightly lower to allow for some settling. Be careful not to compress the back fill soil as this may prevent water from reaching the roots and the roots from expanding beyond the ball.

Planting Container Trees

Container trees (though subject to greater heat and drying conditions than B and B) can also be stored for a brief period of time after purchase as long as the soil in the container is kept moist and the tree stored in a shady spot. The procedure for planting container trees is similar to that for B & B trees. In the case of metal or plastic containers, remove the container completely. In the case of fibre containers, tear the sides away.

Once carefully removed from the container, check the roots. If they are tightly compressed or ‘potbound’, use your fingers or a blunt instrument (to minimize root tearing) to carefully tease the fine roots away from the tight mass and then spread the roots prior to planting. In the case of extremely woody compacted roots, it may be necessary to use a spade to open up the bottom half of the root system. The root system is then pulled apart or ‘butterflied’ prior to planting. Loosening the root structure in this way is extremely important in the case of container plants. Failure to do so may result in the roots ‘girdling’ and killing the tree. At the very least, the roots will have difficulty expanding beyond the dimensions of the original container. To further assist this, lightly break up even the soil outside the planting zone. This allows roots that quickly move out of the planting zone to be more resilient as they anchor into existing surrounding soil conditions.

Once the tree is seated in the hole, the original soil is then back-filled into the hole to the soil level of the container. Again, remember not to overly compress the back-filled soil especially by tramping it with your feet. Compress gently using your hands instead.

Planting Bare-Rooted Trees

Planting bare-rooted trees is a little different as there is no soil surrounding the roots. Most importantly, the time between purchase and planting is a more critical issue. Plant as soon as possible. When purchasing bare-rooted trees, inspect the roots to ensure that they are moist and have numerous lengths of fine root hairs (healthy). Care should be taken to ensure that the roots are kept moist in the period between purchase and planting. Prune broken or damaged roots but save as much of the root structure as you can.

To plant, first build a cone of earth in the centre of the hole around which to splay the roots. Make sure that when properly seated on this cone the tree is planted so that the ‘trunk flare’ is clearly visible and the ‘crown’, where the roots and top meet, is about two inches above the soil level. This is to allow for natural settling.

*Who would join me?

26 jun. 2008


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24 jun. 2008

*MORE Dolce*

*THE d&g Campaign*

+I'm not Dolce's big fan but this collection attracted my glance more than others. This brit style in a beautiful countryside house remembers me to my dreams.+

22 jun. 2008



SuNDay 19 to 21 PM. RADIOSAQUE


Listen on www.ciclopradio.com.ar

21 jun. 2008

*Meet the ICON*



Julia Frakes: For readers unfamiliar with your work, would you mind describing what you do a bit?
Filippa Berg: My job is being the fashion editor of a free Stockholm magazine called iCITY. But I do various things on the side, mostly styling. Sometimes I model, talk on the radio and I've been in some short movies. Recently I was the hostess of Go-See TV during Stockholm Fashion Week. I know some people in the industry here [in Sweden] and they often call me when they need help with different things and I'm glad to help out!

JF: What was your childhood like?
FB: Happy! I spent most of my time backpacking with my parents. We lived on beaches in Greece and took trains through Europe and the north of Africa. It was exciting. I didn't spend much time with other kids, though; I learned to play with myself. And I really didn't like school at all.

JF: Who is your favorite new Swedish designer?
FB: Personally I rarely buy new clothes, but really like what the designer Ann-Sofie Back is doing. She is truly an inventor!

JF: Why do you think the Swedes have such brilliant taste?
FB: Swedes -- especially in Stockholm -- are very anxious about trends. We travel a lot and read loads of fashion magazines. The funny thing is that most of us end up looking just the same; right now everyone looks like they're living on the Lower East Side! People dress up all of the time hoping to be seen by [streetstyle photographer] the Facehunter. I just dress my own way, and I've had the same style since high school. But it is true that we do have some really talented designers here. Sweden has a good climate for creative people: maybe it's because not so much happens here and people have time to concentrate on their work? Or perhaps it's since Sweden is such a small country.

JF: Who is your favorite historical figure?
FB: Andy Warhol! I have been fascinated with him since I was 13 and I've read all kinds of books about him. Right now I'm reading his diaries. Can't get enough!

JF: What makes you laugh uncontrollably?
FB: Champagne!

JF: Do you believe in luck?
FB: Yes. For me, luck is to be true to oneself; that's the only way to feel free.

JF: How would you describe your personal style?
FB: Psychedelic schoolgirl!

JF: What do you consider to be your greatest achievement thus far?
FB: That I believe in myself and have been learning by doing.

JF: What is your favorite fairy tale, and why?
FB: Michail Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita, because it's full of beautiful imaginary images and wisdom.

JF: What are three of your favorite songs?
FB: "Positivly 4th Street" - Bob Dylan, "Gimme Shelter" - The Rolling Stones, "Oh Yoko!" - John Lennon

JF: What do you enjoy doing most in your spare time?
FB: Flea markets, parties and decorating my new home

JF: What is your favorite meal of the day?
FB: Any meal I don't have to cook myself. I'm completely lost in the kitchen. I mostly eat granola.

JF: If you could live anywhere, which would you choose?
FB: I haven't been there yet, but I think San Francisco would suit me.

JF: Who are your favorite photographers -- fashion or otherwise?
FB: Richard Avedon, Bob Richardson and Sara Moon

JF: Who are your heroes?
FB: John Lennon

+THANX PaperMag+

* Collages *

I'm starting a new tradition on my blog. "The Alphabet tradition". Every week from now on I will make a collage of things I adore like one of my favorite designers, models, artists, a person I want to meet and so on in alphabetical order. So I'm starting with A.
*(Making collages is great fun!)

20 jun. 2008

* PuMpS*

>>> ThIs Is It

19 jun. 2008



A video short by the legendary Bruce Weber introducing all the young designers that are featured in the ab brill new issue of W Magazine: Kate and bunny amie Laura Mulleavy (Rodarte), Samuel François and Daniel Fumaz (Avalon Vega), Louise Goldin, Jeremy Laing, Christophe Decarnin (Balmain), Georgina Chapman (Marchesa), Gareth Pugh, Alexis Mabille, Jason Wu, bunny ami Alexander Wang, Swaim and Christina Hutson (Daughters by Obedient Sons), Danielle Scutt, Koi Suwannagate and Carlotta Danti (Rosamosario):

The super genius young designers share some love and the unbelievably alluring Kate Moss, Daria Werbowy and Lara Stone cuddle up:

What's it all about?

*Check LOVER The Label

With a unique approach to feminine fashion, the label mixture of pop culture references, quirky detailing and intimate fabrication have seen it placed on numerous 'One to Watch' lists.

When asked to explain who or what is LOVER, the couple reply, "We started the label based on what we loved and admired, in turn we've created our favourite heroes, muses, films and songs. We've found LOVER ladies all over the world who share a similar vision who have reinterpreted the garments in their way, and for us that is perfect"

18 jun. 2008

fashion london



15 jun. 2008


14 jun. 2008

*Are you the rabbit or the headlight?








>>> Liées

GUMMO Inspiration*

THE Stylist: Fab Silberstein*
Photos: Juampi Bonino.