31 jul. 2008


30 jul. 2008

/// Haute&Couture ///


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* The 2009 Resort Collection *

I've never paid too much attention to Resort and I usually forget all about it! This year, though, there happened to be a ton of wonderful collections. I am sure by now any of you following this years Resorts have all fallen madly in love with Balenciaga, but I've decided to share with you my favorites. Most of these are up and coming designers no one major, I did love McCartney and Balenciaga, Helmut Lang, Prada was great too, but these take the cake in my opinion!

Alexander Wang is great because he's so fresh and young. The sexiness of his designs comes with ease. There is a real laid back feel to all of his collections. I really loved this resort collection because it had such a tomboy edge. The shoes are great and the asymmetry is refreshing, it really enforces the laid back nature of this line.

Jenni Kayne Resort 2009 Collection is HOT! There literally are no other words to describe this collection. This more than 100% captures exactly what level of style I hope to archive with age. One day I hope to look/dress like this everyday. I can also guarantee you that I will be trying to duplicate this look all year long! I adore the shoes, the simple silhouettes and pieces the muted colours and the pop of yellow. What more could anyone ask for in a line? This line even beat out Balenciaga as my number one favorite collection of Resort 2009.

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29 jul. 2008

*The One I'm missing


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* For shy ones *

* Ride Karl, Ride *

Chanel´s ultimate splurge on physical exercise or how to stroll around stylishly. for ears and eyes: a fashionable ride with the bike. summer rocking smoothly...

··· Bright young Hollywood ···

*PH by mark seliger.

vanity fair's midsummer nights dream cast. the members in print favour: teens & twens - the new generation of on-screeners. the youngster acting cast with the likes of gossip girl's blake lively, penn bagdley or leighton meester gather around in the last shot.

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// Vanilla Birthday Cake //

This has been the longest monday ever. I’m just gonna jump in to the shower with my liquid birthday cake from Philosophy. Probably the best cure against monday depression.

* Nude *

* Black&Blanche *

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28 jul. 2008

+++always on the hotspots+++

from london. coming soon

*Loosing edges

*little Ñ with inflatable doll

*Queens "Bes"


Concept and Direction by Rei KAWAKUBO

"I want to create a kind of market where various creators from various fields gather together and encounter each other in an ongoing atmosphere of beautiful chaos: the mixing up and coming together of different kindred souls who all share a strong personal vision."

"We hope to make DSM more and more interesting. I enjoy seeing all the customers coming to DSM dressed in their strong, good looking and individual way. I would like for DSM to be the place where fashion becomes fascinating."


Wait for us! W*e 'll amaze you.

Ivy league* my fav style.

--* Hope you get better *--


* DrinkMe*

Sometimes you see things that are almost too cute. Like this miniature bottle which I would like to buy. It looks almost like the beautiful ones made by French Factory, but a bit more Alice in Wonderland-inspired.
Soon my friends will come over, and fill the evening with smiles.

27 jul. 2008

Comme des Garçons for H & M

After Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld, Viktor & Rolf and Roberto Cavalli:

*Comme des Garçons

Yes, H&M has announced its next collaboration with a couture Japanese avant-garde design house, Comme des Garçons.

shhhhhhhhhhoe preview*

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marc, des Garçons, miuccia, + more...


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